Best Bib Ever!

I know it’s hard to believe that a bib is worthy of an exclamation mark, but is is! Finally, with our 3rd baby, I found the perfect bib. It’s the Bumkins brand SuperBib. It isn’t bulky, uncomfortable or limiting to their movement (like the baby bjorn bib with the pocket that sticks out). It’s MACHINE WASHABLE, like everything should be for young children. It’s not made of plastic that cracks (Walmart bibs) or toxic-smelling vinyl (Target bibs). It’s BPA free and PVC free. And, finally, they’re cute enough for pictures! We have a handsome blue one with circles (see Babies’R’Us site link below) and a fun Dr. Seuss print for our 2-year-old. I have run them through the washer constantly on hot with towels and they’re still fantastic. I usually hang them up to dry, which doesn’t take long. I really want to hug whoever made these, but that might be awkward, so I’ll share them with you instead.

Here’s the link for the Bumkins company:

SuperBibs® (6-24 mos)

Here’s the link to one of them on BabiesRUs:

Share with us some of your favorite products for babies, children or moms.

One thought on “Best Bib Ever!”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Definitely my favorite bib too. I had them with Noah and for Graham. I actually just bought another one on sat. 🙂

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