Romantic Movies And Reality For Parents

There are so many romantic movies I loved as a teenager, a young single woman and still love now as a married mom of three. The funny thing is that most of them don’t include a toddler throwing a tantrum, children demanding more ketchup during a romantic dinner, or a child screaming for help in the bathroom while trying to kiss the one they’re in love with.

We all know in our minds that romantic movies are not real. Sometimes though, we all want the movie moments – the sweet, the sappy, and the sensual. I’m finding that in this stage of my life with more life experience (more birthdays) and 3 children, that I’m drawn to the movies or shows that are more realistic and don’t pretend like everything in a marriage is tied up in a pretty little package with a sparkly bow.

I’m also drawn to figure out how people realistically keep a marriage together when they have kids, especially young kids who need, well, a lot. Constantly.

I have a few tips, but not many, so I’m opening this up to you to start a conversation here so that we can learn from each other. Feel free to ask your friends, your wise grandma, women who’ve divorced, or women with long-term marriages, for some ideas on what they do or would do differently. If you have a book that you loved (or didn’t), let us know.

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