For The Love of Rachael Ray

We really do adore Rachael Ray at our house. We’ve been watching her since before she was a face that everyone knew. Our first child would walk around carrying a large load of items from her little hands all the way to her chin calling herself Rachael Ray. Have you seen how Rachael Ray always tries to carry too much? Because Rachael Ray is  very engaging and since it seems like she’s really talking right to you (the audience) so naturally, our kids enjoyed watching her at a young age. It’s like she’s a long-time friend we’re having over, just chatting while chopping in our kitchen.

My only bone to pick with Rachael Ray is that the advertised 30 Minute Meals don’t really account for some cooks, like me, who have never completed one of her meals in 30 minutes. My only other problem with the Food Network is that none of the stars normally have young children on the show, unless it’s a once-a-year special on cooking with kids, which we enjoy. At my house I don’t look as composed at Giada while cooking. Well I’ve never looked like Giada since we’re being honest. Maybe I would feel a little more composed if I were cooking without 3 young children running around, talking with me, offering to help, asking for snacks, fighting, getting hurt and just wanting me and my undivided attention. So, I think I’d like to see if Rachael Ray can still keep her fun-loving temperament or if Giada can still be as calm, gorgeous, and composed with 3 children running around. That sounds more like a reality show. Maybe that will be my suggestion for the Next Top Chef! A challenge where they’re cooking with children running all around, climbing on them, telling them funny stories, and asking to help when their help isn’t requested. Hilarious – maybe unsafe, but hilarious!

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