Mom Hairstyles – a slightly shallow, yet necessary conversation

One time a married friend of mine was talking about how close another woman and her husband were. She mentioned how this other woman talked with her husband about the texture of her hair and her hairstyles and how she’s never bothered her husband with something like that. I assume she only talks to her female friends about her hair. Sometimes I ask my husband about what kind of haircut he likes or doesn’t and whether you consult yours or not is up to you.

Whether our husbands are interested in discussing our hair or not, our hair is something we have to deal with in one way or another EVERY SINGLE DAY. Kind of like laundry at our house. Oy.

Hair isn’t exactly something that I talk with friends about all the time, because it seems like a rather shallow, self-absorbed kind of topic. Lately though, I realized I was in a very bad hair rut and have put off getting a haircut for longer than I want to admit. I finally started asking a couple friends (who don’t mind my shallow request for advice about my hair) and searching for hairstyles online.

I found this little gem from Real Simple’s website called “20 Gorgeously Simple Hairstyles”. This is not talking about haircuts. It IS all about very simple (like the title) hairstyles. After all, what mom doesn’t need a new hairstyle on occasion to go out for the evening or even on an “it’s been a crazy morning and I missed my shower – what in the world can I do to my hair???” day. So, find those great tips here.

When I was looking for great haircut ideas, I came across too many sites really. Many of them were all about the hottest celebrity haircut and had so many ads moving and flashing that it was too hard to concentrate. The most practical and personally helpful site I found was The site is not all about hair, but they had a very simple (key for me) way to navigate easily through different kinds of haircuts (long, short, medium . . . ) and gave practical tips on how to achieve certain looks.

I usually straighten my hair in the mornings, but found that after a recent swim and a lack of brushing, I rediscovered my waves and actually liked them. It looked like I had spent a day at the beach. And, of course, there are actually tips on achieving that long, beach wavy look here along with one of my personal favorite long, wavy hairstyles on a celebrity (that I’m unfamiliar with) here.

If you find a great haircut idea for moms – whether you’re going for a “meant to be a mom” look or a “please let it not be so obvious that I’m a mom” look, feel free to pass it on.

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